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Episode 76: Crazy From The Hate

July 26, 2015 - 4:44 pm

The title of this episode may look like a typo and Ric does talk about the heat, the real gist of this episode is about the hate. In his continuing observance of people, Ric seems to see a ... (More)

Episode 75: This Just In, The News Is Awful

July 19, 2015 - 5:11 pm

Ever watch or read the news and think you are being lied to? You are. In this episode, Ric tells how the news business works. The whole “infotainment” thing that is the basis behind media coverage of certain ... (More)

New Show Coming to Radio Memphis

July 18, 2015 - 2:34 pm

At long last, Radio Memphis in The Afternoon is back with a new host. Brother Doug. Starting Monday, 20 July, 2015. Brother Doug leaves the Night-time Groove and slides in to the new popular time slot. He’ll be ... (More)

Episode 74: A Roll of The Dice

July 12, 2015 - 5:51 pm

Every day of your life is gamble. Almost everything we do at every waking moment is a matter of chance. The exception to the rule is when we are pretty educated in our choices that we make regarding ... (More)

Episode 73: Robbed & Held Hostage

July 5, 2015 - 5:39 pm

Ric had an issue with with a bank. Who hasn’t, right? This episode will name the bank in question and hopefully give you some thoughts about the system of banking we are all forced to live with. The ... (More)

Tune In All Day & All Night

July 3, 2015 - 10:16 am