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Ric Chetter from Radioland

Episode 27: Exiled to Radioland Part I: Where It All Began
For the premiere of season 3, Ric begins the tale of what led him to build Radio Memphis. This is the first part of a three part series of episodes where Ric tells the story, from his perspective, of the events that occurred throughout his career in terrestrial radio. From his humble start in a radio station in San Antonio, Texas through his television career and all the things that happened in Memphis. Over the next three episodes, Ric will explain what it was like to find himself in the strange and often difficult world of broadcast TV and radio. It culminates with his recollection of his time in morning drive in Memphis and working with John "Baddog" McCormack.

Booze & Blues - Live from Rum Boogie

Join Ric & Jeff as the broadcast live from the FuBar from 7-11 PM on August 31.

Cooper-Young Festival

On September 13 we'll be broadcasting from Stone Soup for the entirety of Cooper-Young Fest - stop by and say "hi" to your favorite Radio Memphis peeps!

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